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How to Shoot Photos for Print

I first met director Eric Becker from We Are Shouting when he had us print a mesmerizing 60” x 40” Milky Way shot, seen below, from his high desert camp in El Cosmico near Marfa, Texas. He was doing a field test for the Sony A7Rii for Digital Photography Review (DP Review) at the time.

©Eric Becker El Cosmico

Eric then approached me about doing this project because he needed someone with experience in large format printing that was also a professional photographer, to give them some guidelines on what to do when shooting for large format printing. Happy to oblige, me and the crew at Stretch and Staple came up with the following outline to provide some guidance on common items the modern fine art print photographer should keep in mind when setting up and shooting for print.

What to be aware of when you are shooting for print?

  • ISO Noise: Another key thing to think about is ISO Noise. Bumping up the ISO