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What is a Carbon Footprint?

In layman’s terms, carbon footprint means the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by a company or individual’s existence. However, that footprint can be greatly reduced or even eliminated if the right steps are taken.

At Stretch and Staple we are fiercely committed to the environment. At the end of the day we want the world to be a better place because we exists, and in the future we would like to be championed for what we have done to help the environment first and our canvas prints second. In this series I will explain everything we are doing to lead a green printing revolution.

The most obvious place to start for a company that uses wood in its product is trees. Some of you may have noticed that we plant a tree each time a canvas or metal print is purchased, but we didn’t want to just plant any tree, anywhere, we wanted to plant trees in places that desperately need them. So I thought where better to start than places that have been deforested with no plan for reforestation. It was important to me that whoever we partnered with would ensure that the trees we are planting get what they need to survive into adulthood, and that they are properly looked after for their entire lifespan so that they can have the greatest positive impact on the environment, and on reducing our carbon footprint.

After a few days of research I stumbled upon WeForest, and after a little digging and a few emails to Marie-Noëlle their Founder and CEO I realized that WeForest was the perfect partner. WeForest goes into previously deforested landscapes, and partners with the indigenous people of that area to create a plan of attack for reforestation. WeForest then employs these people to plant the trees, look after them and see that they survive into adulthood and are not illegally harvested. I prefer this method, because unlike you or me they have a deep devotin to these forests and are there on the ground to nurture and protect these trees sometimes with their lives.

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